Martin Solveig's Quarantine Playlist Will Get You 'Pumped Up' to Exercise

Martin Solveig
Michael Teague

Martin Solveig

We're all finding our own ways to stay sane and healthy during quarantine. For some, the coping method is meditation; for others, it's video games; and there are those simply sleeping the days away. For Martin Solveig, the strategies are music and exercise.

"As the world is at a very strange time," the French producer tells Billboard Dance, "it’s crucial to stay at home and take care of our relatives, but I know the longer the quarantine, the harder it can get, and this will be an exhaustive journey. That is why staying physically and mentally healthy is an everyday challenge, and one of my not-so-secret weapon to cope with isolation is to work out. Exercising is very important during this special time -- it’s a way to reboot my body and spirit. Of course, it’s impossible for me to work out without a good playlist."

On Tuesday (April 14), Solveig joins Sunnery James, Vini Vici and Alesso for Tomorrowland's ongoing United Through Music livestreams. In the meantime, Solveig shares his essential workout tracks in his own words.

Tourist, "Run"

The perfect track to start a run. Believe me, this one gets you pumped up. Its ethereal energy will help you reaching that special state of mind runners experience when they run.

Kanye West, "POWER"

Got a hill in front of you? Just press play and let Kanye’s choir lift your mood.

Santigold, "You’ll Find a Way"

When you’re doing interval trainings, just listen to Santigold’s delivery and you’ll get all the energy and stamina you need to complete your exercise.

Four Tet, "Two Thousand and Seventeen"

A great track to slow down your pace, enjoy the landscape and connect with nature.

Robyn, "Konichiwa B---hes"

Broken beats, electronic bass line, Robyn’s flow make this track an energy smoothie.

Massive Attack, "Hymn of the Big Wheel"

Love listening to this track while I’m running; it was released in 1991 but its topics -- nature and fate -- are more relevant than ever.

Julien Jabre, "Samana"

The track’s title means "our sky" in Lebanese. The song is an explosion of colors. It’s music for your soul, an invitation to unlimited imagination. This melody plus the adrenaline rush will make your run a blissful effort.