Here's How Many People DJ D-Nice and Michelle Obama Got Registered to Vote With Their Online Dance Party

Michelle Obama
Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Michelle Obama at The 61st Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Feb. 10, 2019. 

61,000 people including Oprah, Amy Schumer and Timbaland joined the March 25 'couch party' co-hosted by DJ D-Nice and Michelle Obama.

With his dance party Instagram livestreams becoming a sensation amidst the worldwide quarantine, Brooklyn DJ D-Nice yesterday (March 25) mixed classic records for a great cause -- with some help from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

D-Nice and Obama turned the evening set into a registration extravaganza, hosting the "couch party" in collaboration with Obama's voter registration organization When We All Vote.

Prior to going live, the initiative announced a goal of reaching 50,000"voters via its texting platform, Outvote. Ultimately, Outvote received text messages from 407,824 eligible voters and helped nearly 13,000 people start or complete the voter registration process, according to a spokesperson for When We All Vote.

D-Nice repeatedly encouraged viewers to register, as he dropped a joyful extended set made up of soul, funk, R&B, house and pop jams by Stevie Wonder, Stephanie Mills, Prince , Chic, James Brown, Green Velvet, Phil Collins, SWV and more.

"We have FLOTUS in the house right now! What's up FLOTUS!" D-Nice proclaimed when Obama entered the chat stream, an online VIP area also populated by Oprah, Amy Schumer, Janelle Monáe, Tracy Ellis-Ross, Chaka Khan, Vanessa Williams, Will Smith, David Beckham, Timbaland and 61,000 other viewers.

"That's my jam!" Obama typed in the chat when D-Nice dropped the 1992 track "Follow Me" by house duo Aly-Us. "The power of music is remarkable," she later added, inserting two fire emojis to emphasize her point.

When We All Vote -- a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that aims to raise participation in every election -- was launched in 2018 by an A-list collection of co-chairs including Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez, Tom Hanks, Faith Hill, Lin Manuel-Miranda and Janelle Monáe.