10 Best Moments of Calvin Harris' Love Regenerator Live Stream: Watch

Calvin Harris Livestream
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Calvin Harris Livestream

'Big acid quaratine vibes!'

So, you're stuck inside. We're stuck inside. Calvin Harris is stuck inside too.

But the reality of life in quarantine didn't force Harris to stop the party, even as the coronavirus has dwindled his tour schedule down to only the livestream he performed this past Saturday evening (March 21) from some undisclosed location outfitted with DJ gear, a green screen and some other person who was holding the camera.

The 80-minute set was packed with the acid/techno/house vibes Harris has been embracing via his new Love Regenerator project, and while we will always be nostalgic for his era-defining EDM anthems, we're fully here for this new, super ravey Calvin incarnation. (Even if by "fully here" we only mean that we're fully viewing right here from the couch.)

Frankly, this set was all killer, no filler, and Harris was a real delight as well. Here are the ten best moments of his first-ever livestream.

1. His Accent

Given that Calvin Harris doesn't really talk much in the media, we kind of forgot he has a deep, and deeply endearing, Scottish accent. Listen to it. Get lost in its pitch and cadence. Let it soothe you in this uncertain time.

2. The Jacket Conversation, Part I

At minute 7:50 he almost takes off his jacket, but then...he decides to keep it on!

3. His Floating Head, Generally

If all the Love Regenerator project ever gives us is the visual of Calvin Harris' floating head and disembodied hands on a techno-psychedelic greenscreen on a Saturday night during a global pandemic, then the project will be forever remembered as a success.

4. The Jacket Conversation, Part II

At minute 12:50 he does indeed take off his jacket! He makes his own rules!

5. The Phone

Is he taking requests? Texting his friends? Reading his emails? We may never know.

6. Calvin, Shirtless

Okay forget the jacket. Do you remember in 2015 when Calvin Harris took off nearly all of his clothing for an Emporio Armani ad campaign? Of course you do. We all remember that. At minute 25:57 Harris pays homage to this crucial moment in EDM history with a visualizer featuring the shirtless Calvin we all know and love. "Check this visual out," he implores us. ''I'm not fuckin' about."

7. The "Spectrum" Remix

Hear Calvin's 2012 remix of Florence + the Machine's "Spectrum" at minute 36:30 and rejoice in its enduring power and glory.

8. All The Other Tunes, Too

Throughout the set Harris drops bangers by a posse of artists including Skream, Will Clarke, Hifi Sean Feat. Crystal Waters, Lazy Fat People, Lane 8 and of course, himself. All jokes aside, this set makes us grateful that technology is allowing DJs to get to us, even though we can't go out and get to them, and also excited for the sure-to-be legendary and very sweaty dance parties that will happen once we're allowed to be together again IRL.

9. Peace, Love, Happiness

"This is what we fuckin' need right now!" declares Harris upon launching into his most recent Love Regenerator track, "Peace, Love, Happiness." Admittedly, we were on the fence about this one when it dropped the week before last. Consider us converted.

10. Tea Time

"A lot of people are telling me to keep going, but...I've gotta have my tea," Harris says as he wraps up the stream. But he promises he'll be back and that next time he'll bring his dinner to eat during the set. "I'm learning as I go," he notes before his floating head and disembodied hands close the show with Dale Howard's "Rogue Keys." Altogether it's a 10/10 for Calvin Harris' floating head and disembodied hands.


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