Watch Alesso Produce a 'Big Room EDM Song' in Less Than 60 Seconds

Harrison Boyce


With the music producers of the world all largely holed up in their studios as the coronavirus pandemic forces worldwide social distancing, Alesso took to Twitter to demonstrate how to build a big room EDM hit. As it turns out, it's pretty simple!

The tongue-in-cheek clip breaks the process down into six simple steps: "find some chords, make a nasty bassline, play a melody with a lot of delay, add too many layers of the same melody, make your own kickdrum, find a friend who can easily write a topline in 2 minutes" and "voila" the Swedish producer writes, you have a standard issue mainstage banger all your own.

Marshmello was one of the many replies on Twitter, giving the video a triple emoji handclap response.

Alesso released his latest IRL single "One Last Time," a collaboration with DubVision, on March 6. Watch him assemble a big room EDM hit in less than sixty seconds below.