See Archival Footage of Pre-Revolutionary Iran in Nick AM's New 'Take It Back' Video: Exclusive

Nick AM
Josh Aronson

Nick AM

On this day of culminating political fervor in the States, New York-based producer Nick AM is nodding to the political history of his own Iranian-American roots in the new video for "Take It Back."

Premiering exclusively on Billboard Dance, the video aggregates rare archival footage from pre-revolutionary Iran, with clips taken before the late-'70s revolution showing Iranian men, women and children dancing, waterskiing, going to school, eating, exercising and participating in other rituals of everyday life.

“Not too long ago in Iran," Nick AM tells Billboard Dance, "tradition and modernity were more balanced. ‘Take It Back’ is meant to instill pride, provide hope, and soundtrack the new wave of revolution in Iran and around the world. Take back your rights, your identity, your country.”

The buoyantly hypnotic track comes from Nick AM's sophomore EP, Utopia, out on March 17 via his own 00:00 label. Bridging the electronic sounds of the New York scene in which he exists and the traditional Persian music of his ancestry, the four-track project is inspired by the political tension that exists between his two homelands.

"The quest for utopia is the root of conflict, thus a perfect society cannot exist,” the artist, born Nick Momeni, says of the inspiration behind the project. “The consequences of Iran’s conflict with the west and the fear of war between my current home and my motherland inspired my process.”

Born in Manhattan to Iranian immigrants, Momeni's family history was deeply affected by the Revolution, which inspired his grandparents to leave Iran in the 1980s and move to New York, where his grandfather founded a Persian rug business that still exists today.

Watch the video for "Take It Back" below.