Bakermat & Kidda Find Pure Happiness in 'Under The Sun' Video: Exclusive

Marty Marn


What does true happiness look like? Is it enough to throw you hands up on a dance floor and forget about your troubles? Or is it best to face reality head on and make each day better than the last? Animated doggie Matt Baker prefers the later, and he stays motivated with a fresh, feel-good beat in the official music video for Dutch producer Bakermat and UK veteran Kidda's summer-ready single "Under The Sun."

Baker is a recurring figure in Bakermat's videos, and in this episode, we see him take on the taco titans who would have good funky citizens ignoring the delapidation around them. He takes on the robo-dog leader in a cool dance off, and of course, there's a happy ending. How could there be anything different with a song as uplifting as this?

"This track is built around an old Kidda piano loop," Bakermat tells Billboard Dance. "I heard it for the first time at my very first festival as a kid. I’m so happy that I could give my twist to the iconic piano loop, combining it with ‘90s elements (like the airy, trancy synth in the break) and my own signature sound. I see this as the ultimate feel-good anthem, and I hope my listeners will agree."

Sonically, "Under The Sun" is pure honey drip; a golden ray on a cloudy day with a bouncing piano rhythm, shining horns and playful vocal sample. You have no choice but to skip down the sidewalk, and that kind of joy is infectious. Simple and straightforward, "Under The Sun" is perfect for spring picnics in the park or summer days spent poolside.

"Under The Sun" is out everywhere Friday, Feb. 21, but you can watch Matt Baker spread the good cheer in the official music video below, out on early exclusive to Billboard Dance.