Paul Van Dyk's 'Duality' Is a Thumping Trance Mood Made For the Club: Exclusive

Paul Van Dyk
Christoph Ko?stlin

Paul Van Dyk

For nearly 30 years, German DJ and producer Paul van Dyk has been a purveyor of the truest trance sounds. He was one of the first international superstar DJs, and he remains a force on and off the decks.

Case in point: "Duality," his first official release for 2020, perfectly bridges the gap between the thumping beats of his early days and the limitless techniques of the future.

"Duality" is straight up for the club. It rips open with a hard dance floor beat, but as all good trance will do, a stirring synth melody washes over bringing with it a river of emotion. A rush of thoughts and feelings, the single captures the yin and yang within us all.

“Duality is a state of mind you find yourself in," van Dyk tells Billboard Dance. "The brain is still echoing the strongest signals of how you’ve become used to seeing yourself: completely fit and vital and able to do everything. The truth is that your body is not currently capable of doing all those things, putting you in a surreal existence. This track is about starting to resolve that duality.”

It's a rather quick tune, clocking in at just less than four minutes, and yet "Duality" opens your heart to a myriad of feelings.

It's out everywhere Friday, Feb. 14, the second single from van Dyk's forthcoming LP Guiding Light, but you can listen to it below on early exclusive on Billboard Dance.