Disco Donnie Partners With Headcount On a New Voting Initiative at Dance Shows

Courtesy of R.A.V.E.


Three wise men once noted that you've gotta fight for your right to party. You've also gotta fight for your basic rights by voting in your local, state and national elections.  

Longstanding dance music promoter Disco Donnie Presents is fusing the worlds of partying and civic responsibility with the Register and Vote Everywhere initiative -- R.A.V.E. for short. For the campaign, which launched yesterday (Jan. 30), Disco Donnie is partnering with Headcount, an organization that helps music fans vote by helping them register and by checking eligibility and voting locations. 

Headcount, which has registered roughly 500,000 new voters since 2004, will host activations at all upcoming Disco Donnie Presents Festivals, including April's Ubbi Dubbi, happening this April 18-19 in Fort Worth with a lineup including Seven Lions, Camelphat, Whipped Cream, Ardalan, Dom Dolla and more. The organization turns out for shows and festivals of all genres and will also have a presence at Florida's Okeechobee Festival this March. 

This is not Disco Donnie's first foray into politics, either. In 2016, he launched the Make America Rave Again voting initiative, and even threw his hat in the presidential ring the same year, running as a member of the Party Party.