Destructo Shares 4-Hour FriendShip Set Feat. Griz, Boys Noize, Bob Moses & Danny Daze

Oh Dag Yo Photography

Gary Richards, aka Destructo, man's the ship during his traditional Sunrise Sermon on FriendShip 2020.

Ahoy, ShipFam and land lubbers alike. Your friendly captain Gary Richards, aka DJ and producer Destructo, aka the head of All My Friends and its annual festival the FriendShip, has shared a four-hour treat for your ears and feet. It's his traditional Sunrise Sermon, as performed on deck with some of his best DJ friends on the deck of Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas.

Destructo got the party started with easy-sailing house vibes to match the still-darkened sky. As the sun rose over the Caribbean clouds, the rhythms got hotter with more acidic drops, harder beats and heavier synths. Around an hour and 15-minutes in, Griz hopped on the deck with his saxophone in hand, ready to rip some live grooves through the sunny, salty air. Thirty minutes later, he was joined by Miami's "sunrise specialist" Danny Daze, and everywhere he went, Boys Noize was soon to follow. Even Jimmy Vallance from Bob Moses hopped on the tables to do his thing.

If you've never been on FriendShip and you're curious about the magic, this is the best teaser taste. More than four hours of smooth and funky a.m. flow to get your day started right - or afternoon, or evening, or night. We caught up with Richards

This year was great. Life on land just isn't the same. What were your overall take aways from FriendShip's second sailing? What went right, what moments stick out? What did you learn?

People make the party.  The vibes are unmatched on FriendShip because we have the family holding it down.  All the artists hang and make it so much more special.  Some of my best moments were doing b2b sets in shipper’s cabins with our ‘Dial a DJ’ program.  The look on people’s faces when I rolled into the room with Boys Noize, Danny Daze and Bob Moses was priceless.  The sermon was also a major moment.  We had comedy for the first time which went off well plus the amazing burlesque ship tease with Dita Von Teese and her crew.  She wowed everybody.  The talent show was a lot of fun.

The Sunrise Sermon is always a good time, and this year it went down for 4+ hours on the deck. What was the experience like from your perspective? Is this an especially long one or is 4 hours about right? 

I could have played longer.  For some reason this one everything just clicked.  Nobody went AWAL this time around.  The deck was packed the entire time. I think we all were really on the same page. Shout outs to Danny Daze, Boys Noize, Jimmy from Bob Moses, and Grant [Griz] for the sexy sax.

Did you see any interesting people in the crowd that you want to shout out? I know you had some ShipFam royalty in the booth, too.

Always the OG’s represent; Emily, Wax Motif, AC Slater. Even my wife was hanging for a long time.

All those DJs going back-to-back, stopping by sets and getting in on the fun, I know that's part of the culture you encourage among artists on the boat. How else did you see that come to life on this year's Ship?

Every one of the artists booked are friends and really want to be on board, and it shows. The ship is special – not just another show in another town.  It’s a chance for the artists to get weird and go outside the box without pressure of having to get on the next flight right away. Artistically it can get experimental. I never played a set with Yello, Marilyn Manson, Madonna and George Kranz all in one sesh. LOL

Any other thoughts or comments about this year's sailing or next year's that you'd like to mention or share?

Much respect to the people who support me and always have my back. I always say this, but it is true: I cannot do it without them, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. FriendShip 2021 dates are January 11-15.  We’re back on board the Navigator of the Seas with two days at Coco Cay. Mark your calendars.

Listen to Destructo's Sunrise Sermon with Griz on sax, Bob Moses, Boys Noize and Danny Daze below, as well as an official thank you after-clip from FriendShip 2020.