Go Behind the Scenes of 'Uncut Gems' Score With Moog & Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin

Daniel Lopatin
Courtesy of Moog Music Inc.

Daniel Lopatin in "Behind the Soundtrack: 'Uncut Gems' with Daniel Lopatin"

Everyone with a passion for music dreams of rocking a crowd of happy dancers, but some of the most successful musicians in the world dream of composing a magical score for the silver screen. Giorgio Moroder was the pioneer. Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor has done it, Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood has too, and so has Daft Punk.

Now, Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin joins the ranks of crossover creators with his mystical, Moog-heavy soundtrack for Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler. The synth company filmed a mini-documentary about his process, which you can peep below.

"We were inventing this musical languge for the film," Lopatin says in the doc. "I still to this day can't tell you what this score sounds like, because it's like all these rich epic beautiful things that make sense from moment to moment, and we ended up making something I think is really original.

The 17-minute clip gives a deep dive into the world of scoring. Lopatin works through the Moog patches and pads that set each tone, showing how a few simple lines can create majestic and powerful musical moods. It also gives a peek into the hectic demands of movie making. Lopatin says he had to create a piece a day just to stay on schedule. That rushing mood is mirrored within the film itself, and so made its way into the music.

He speaks about taking cues from great scores and compositions of the past, the importance of silliness in the studio, and how elevating small details brightens the entire project, all while exploring the back story of Lopatin and Director Josh Safdie's favorite sonic moments.

Uncut Gems is out now in theaters worldwide. Watch the Moog mini-doc with Lopatin below.