Take a Trip With Kraak & Smaak in Their 'Don't Want This to Be Over' Video: Exclusive

Kraak & Smaak
Michel Mees

Kraak & Smaak

Vacations with a significant other feel like freedom. Whether you spend it exploring a new city’s local cuisine, tanning beachside in an exotic coastal town or ordering room service for breakfast at the hotel, there’s a wondrous sense of adventure for the days ahead, a blank slate full of possibilities and promise.

Then the sun sets, your bags are packed and it’s back to the 9-to-5 and arguing over who has to take out the trash. But what if that feeling didn’t have to end?

Kraak & Smaak aim to hold on to that honeymoon state of mind in the video for their single “Don’t Want This To Be Over” featuring Satchmode and premiering exclusively on Billboard Dance. The impossibly groovy song, off the Dutch trio’s latest album Pleasure Centre out via Boogie Angst, beams with seasprayed, sun-kissed vibes as Satchmode sings about ways to delay the inevitable arrival of morning.

The accompanying visual takes the song’s love interest on a medley of unexpected trips: a road trip, a sea port, the pool, the beach and finally out to sea on a boat with wind in hair and martini in hand -- places where there’s no clock and the morning never has to come.

"The video perfectly captures the Cali, blue eyed soul mood of the song as we and Satchmode intended it," the trio tells Billboard Dance. "We especially like the swimming pool part -- Gabe owns it! - and of course the yacht scenes. A pity we couldn’t attend the shoot ourselves!”

"It was a fun piece to develop, since we were essentially designing a collection of music video tropes and vintage style elements [inspired by] everything we loved, from Duran Duran videos and French classics like Purple Noon," says the clip's director Eno Freedman. "Set against the backdrop of a summery foreign city, I fell in love with the idea of this girl trying to relax by the beachside, but wherever she went she couldn't escape the groove of this song."

"Instead of it being played on the radio and seen on billboards constantly," Freedman continues, "I thought it would be funnier if the singer Satchmode magically appeared on menus and souvenirs to try and woo her. Like Alice & Wonderland, she's sucked into these music video scenes with him and lost in this fantasy." 

Enter the fantasy yourself by watching “Don’t Want This to Be Over” below. Pleasure Centre is out now.