Krewella Share New Single 'Greenlights' With Orangetheory Campaign: Exclusive

Lauren Dunn


Is there any better motivation music than electronic dance? Your heart pumps at a steady bpm while euphoric lyrics push you just a little further. Sweat drips and you hold steady. Before you know it, you're dancing your way out the gym. 

Krewella's song "Greenlights" is a tempo-driven tune with plenty of motivational messaging, which is why interval-training gym franchise Orangetheory Fitness signed the single for its latest promotional campaign. Dubbed "Welcome to More Life," the campaign will run three commercial spots across national TV stations in hopes of inspiring all those fitness New Year's resolutions to walk through local Orangetheory doors. 

“We were so inspired to write a song that exhibited the meaning of ‘more life," Krewella is quoted in a press release, "because we’re constantly searching for different ways to tear down our own insecurities, barriers, or whatever else gets in the way of us growing as people. Movement is so important to us, whether on stage or in any other aspect of life, and giving others a reason to push further through our music is a dream for us.”

"Greenlights" won't see full release until Jan. 17, 2020, but fans can hear a preview of the tune in the ad spot below, out on early exclusive via Billboard Dance. "Greenlights" will also be featured on Krewella's forthcoming LP zer0, set for release Jan. 31.