The Chainsmokers Honor Their Videographer Rory Kramer in Touching 'Family' Video With Kygo: Watch

The Chainsmokers, Kygo Family
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The Chainsmokers and Kygo, "Family"

The Chainsmokers spread the love to their videographer Rory Kramer -- and a much-needed mental health message to their fans -- in a heartfelt music video with Kygo titled "Family," which was released today (Dec. 12).

Directed by Jeremiah Davis, the clip features a montage of home videos that document Kramer's successful journey with the two major EDM acts, while also shining light on his personal struggles along the way. As shots of Kramer goofing off with The Chainsmokers and Kygo flash, captions give a brief story of his adrenaline-filled life, which took a dark turn after he tore his ACL. The video then reveals that in 2018, Kramer got into a car accident that took his life down an even scarier path.

But the "Family" vid quickly turns into an uplifting story, as Kramer's family and friends helped him through his difficult time -- particularly The Chainsmokers' Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, who were "anchors in Rory's life." The video's happily-ever-after ending not only shows Kramer with his fiancé, but a pivotal reminder that was implied throughout the video's darkest pockets: "Checking up on your friends is cool. Take 30 seconds to message someone you care about."

The EDM duo shared a snippet of "Family" on Instagram, expressing their gratitude toward the "family of friends" who've endlessly supported them through the mental health struggles rampant in people's lives, whether it seems obvious or not. 


If you’ve followed us over the past few years you may have observed that a couple of us have struggled with mental health issues. we are thankful that we’ve had a family of friends to lean on and get us through those strange times. One of our closest friends who you all know @rorykramer was brave enough to make this video telling the story of what he went through for our new song ‘Family’ with @kygomusic. Anxiety and depression is an on going battle that we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives, but we’re thankful to have a platform to tell our stories in hopes that they may help other people. You’ve probably heard it many times but don’t forget to check in with your friends. Depression and anxiety externalize themselves in unpredictable ways and some people are great a keeping it to themselves until it’s too late. Anyway, we hope you enjoy this song and video and you are able to take something positive away from Rory’s struggle. We love you guys ?? -- @thatoneblondkid

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Kramer commented on the post, "What a beautiful well written message. I love you guys ------ I’m gonna go cry now." 

Watch the heartwarming music video for "Family" below.