French Producer Dombresky on Trusting the Creative Process: 'Making Music Is a Lonely Profession'

Glen Matheny


The artist shares his thoughts on creative evolution and his newest single, "Trust the Process."

Upon moving from his hometown of Montpellier, France to Miami in 2016, house producer Dombresky kicked off a musical journey that in short order led to releases on Fool's Gold and Tchami's Confessions label, along with countless clubs shows and festival sets.

But despite these accomplishments, it hasn't been easy for the artist, either. Like so many producers in the electronic scene, Dombresky had dealt with bouts of anxiety and insecurity while attempting to make music, deliver it to the world and survive and thrive in the Instagram age. His newest single, "Trust the Process" is a brightly uplifting affirmation of a house track that explores these very issues.

In honor of the new single, out today (Nov. 22) via Insomniac Records, Dombresky in his own words writes about the struggles and triumphs that have led him to trust his own process. 


2019 can only be summed up as incredible. I've released some of my favorite demos, gotten to play some of my favorite shows and festivals and will play my last residency show in Chicago in December. I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling year. It’s been a long time in the making, and I'm so thankful for my team and fans for being apart of the journey. My last single of 2019 is called “Trust the Process,” and the track has become more than fitting as the year wraps up.

The track for me signals the end of a cycle that started when I moved to the U.S. in 2016. It was a risky move, because my parents are getting older, and I was leaving my family, my country and my entire everything to embrace playing music as Dombresky. Through all the highs and lows, like we all experience, I knew this move was only a part of my growing process. In order to overcome even the smallest setbacks life threw at me, I really had to really believe in myself and my artistic goals.

Believe me, it was uncomfortable at times. Sometimes it still is, but I’ve gotten to a point where I realize that there’s not much that can stop me, other than myself.

To be quite frank, in 2018 I had hit a low point in my career. I wasn’t feeling inspired or engaged in my work. I spent hours in the studio making demos that I wasnt crazy about. (They of course didn’t make it out.) It was a constant cycle of starting from ground zero, thinking I was finally getting somewhere and then falling flat. Throughout this process, I had a hard time finding the right management team. In time, I learned that making sure that the people around me share the same vision and goals was a major part of success. 

Self doubt still hits me constantly when I'm in the studio. Making music is a lonely profession. There are many long days and nights working on the smallest of details. It doesn't help that I am so detail-oriented that every step takes me a while to get through. This drives me crazy sometimes, because once I let the song go out into the world, I experience such a rewarding feeling because I love the way that the songs sound and how they make me feel. 

With that, my new track “Trust the Process” is not just about literally trusting the process in life, but about believing in yourself along the way. It's more important and powerful to be who you truly are and believe in what you are doing than it is to be a socially acceptable version of “perfect.” Take a look at Instagram and how it alters our reality. Sure, it's visually pleasing, but we all know you can’t define yourself and your worth through image. Life is not fun if everything is always perfect, or if you'er trying to make everything at least look like it's perfect. You need those ups and downs along the way in order to get to your final goal. For me, this is about trusting the process, and even more importantly trusting in your authentic self.

I've been lucky enough to travel the world, and I realize now that bringing people together for the duration of my sets is part of my process too. It's an honor for me to share my work, and my truest self, in this way. I hope these ideas of trust and acceptance shine through for listeners in my music.