AC Slater Lists 10 Essential Night Bass Records, Shares 100th Release Compilation

AC Slater
Jake Lewis

AC Slater

Once upon a time in 2015, a man in Los Angeles had a dream for darkness. He saw booties bouncing in the club to heavy synth music laced with disco groove, edgy bass and b-boy nerve. He saw outcasts free to explore their artistry, getting weird and wonky with rhythms and synths. He believed in the idea, so he called up some friends, and thus the heavy house label Night Bass was born. 

AC Slater is the man behind the devilish vision, and about five years after the initial launch, Night Bass celebrates its 100th release with a compilation of tracks from family favorite artists including Chris Lorenzo, Flava D, Taiki Nulight, Shift K3y, Jack Beats, Pete Clicks and more. 

"I counted 447 individual songs across those 100 releases, which is crazy to me," AC Slater tells Billboard Dance. "I recently took a trip down memory lane and listened to most of the back catalog on Beatport, and there is some serious fire in there. A lot of stuff was ahead of its time, and a lot of stuff still holds up today. I'm so proud of all the artists we’ve worked with and the music that we’ve released. Thank you to all the fans for rocking our music and repping Night Bass so hard. Thank you to all the DJs who play and playlist our music. Thank you to all the journalists and bloggers who have covered us. NBD100 is a collection of heat from some of our core artists."

It's been a beautiful journey through the years, full of late-night Night Bass parties in LA and across the country, as well as a mountain of memorable grooves. We caught up with AC Slater to reminisce, and below, in his own words, he breaks down Night Bass' most essential releases. 

NBD001 - This is Night Bass Volume 1

Our first release really set the tone for what the sound of Night Bass was going to be and featured artists that we still release on a regular basis todaym including myself, Jack Beats, Chris Lorenzo, Jay Robinson, Taiki Nulight, Petey Clicks and DJ Q -- most of these guys are on the 100 album too.

NBD027 - Chris Lorenzo - Foot & Mouth EP

Two huge anthems from one of the originators of bass house. It’s been amazing to watch Lorenzo’s career skyrocket over the past few years.

NBD038 - Phlegmatic Dogs - Keepmastik EP

Keepmastik is one of those songs that just won’t go away. Something about that gritty heavy bass resonated with ravers and DJs around the world. To round it off, the other two songs on the EP were equally banging. This is nearly three years old as of writing this, and still as relevant as ever.

OUTS01D - AC Slater - Outsiders


Our first full-length album on Night Bass, and my first artist album. I had to throw it in there.

NBD043 - Night Bass Remixed Volume 1

We don’t do a lot of remixes on Night Bass, but we decided to do a collection of them to mix things up a bit. Wax Motif shines on this release with his remix of “Fly Kicks” by me and Chris Lorenzo To this day it's probably our biggest anthem. Here's us playing it at Night Bass City, our first festival. You can hear everyone screaming the lyrics and bassline. It's so crazy. 

NBD047 - Jack Beats - Modulate

Jack Beats undoubtedly helped create the sound of high-energy house music made for the dance floor which helped inspire Night Bass. This was JB's third EP on the label, and is definitely a standout in the catalogue. 

NBD063 - Shift K3Y - Bite EP

Shift K3y came from charting in the UK with really mainstream/pop sounding dance hits, to doing some really forward thinking underground sounds on Night Bass, so this one is pretty special. 

NBD068 - Freshman Volume 1

Night Bass Freshman Volume 1 was the first time we created an outlet to try music from new artists. It featured some up and comers who are now making some serious movement in Night Bass and beyond now. The artists on it are Blossom, NuKid, Jordan Burns, Kendoll, NuBass and Deppz.

NBD069 - Flava D - Spicy Noodles EP

Three underground bassline anthems from London based producer Flava D. These are definitely some fan-favorite tracks. 

NBD091 - Taiki Nulight - Soundwave EP

A great moment in the evolution of Taiki Nulight’s signature sound. Everyone started to follow and mimic his production style and what he’s been doing after this EP.

Night Bass One Hundred is out now featuring nine original tracks from a dozen Night Bass family favorites. Listen to the full compilation below. 


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