Recovering From Severe Hearing Loss, Swedish Producer Kasbo Drops 'I Get You' Featuring Lizzy Land

Carter Howe


If it seems like Kasbo has been quiet on the music front for a while, there's a good reason for it.

The Swedish producer recently shared on Instagram that for the last five months he had been experiencing severe hearing loss in his left ear for reasons that multiple doctors could not diagnose. Some days his hearing would return to normal, only to disappear again and repeat the cycle, resulting in insomnia and depression. Now, as he writes in the post, his condition has improved enough that he’s finally feeling like himself again and making music every day.

Today (Oct. 29), he’s sharing his first song in over a year -- “I Get You” featuring indie-pop singer/songwriter Lizzy Land -- exclusively via Billboard.

In a statement, Kasbo writes that “I Get You” was one of the first songs he made after releasing his 2018 debut album, Places We Don’t Know. When Land sent him the vocal for the track, he really resonated with the concept, having met his significant other, Jennifer, around the same time.

“The whole idea of someone fully understanding and seeing someone -- a feeling that fully came into fruition for me when I met Jennifer,” he says. “In my life, I think I’ve automatically deemed myself and a lot of things I feel and do as odd, or unjustified. Meeting Jennifer really changed that, she was the same and she fully understood the feelings I had. She made me and my feelings feel real and justified -- she got me.”

In its final form, “I Get You” is sweet and tender. Land's soothing lyrics about being there for a partner feels like a tight, affirming hug, while Kasbo’s production creates a rich yet peaceful atmosphere with its bobbing rhythm, full guitar thrums and subtle soaring accents that evoke images of watching shooting stars in the night sky with that special person.

“The heart of the song is about seeing and understanding someone completely when others can’t,” says Lizzy Land. “It’s a relationship built up over time, possibly having had more than one end and beginning, then rekindled in retrospect. One sings to the other, wanting desperately to say they can fully see them.”

Listen to “I Get You” below.