Madeon Opens Up About Mental Health With Uplifting Musical Pep Talk 'Be Fine'

Diego Andrade


French producer Madeon is really pushing himself to expand his sonic universe. His forthcoming sophomore LP, Good Faith, sees him singing, songwriting and composing broad-stroke synth-pop fit to soar on radio or uplift audiences at festivals worldwide. He's truly feeling himself out as a creative and opening himself up in new ways he never thought imaginable, but that can be a scary experience. His latest single "Be Fine" gets real about that vulnerability.

Musically, "Be Fine" plays like a spiritual sister to Madeon's Porter Robinson collaboration "Shelter." The track is assembled from big, sweeping melodies and comes out the gate swinging with a powerful gospel choir. Dig deeper into the lyrics, though, and you'll see a new story emerge.

"Soon after the relief and joy of finally debuting the show at Lolla, I was more exhausted and depressed than I expected. I couldn’t feel anything at all anymore," the producer recently wrote on Instagram. "It felt wrong finishing and releasing music celebrating joy when I couldn’t feel that joy at all anymore. So I decided to take time and put everything on hold for a bit ... That’s the the intimate theme of this work to me: making sense of joy, making sense of darkness. Along the way, over more than three years, Good Faith has been the horizon, the reason I would fight over and over again to get healthy. I want this album, this tour and all that will come after it to paint for you the picture that’s been vividly in my mind all this time. Now it’s going to stop being mine alone and start being ours. I feel relief and I feel purposeful."

There is a sense of resolution in "Be Fine," even if it comes from the self-repeated mantra that things will be alright. Things are also moving forward for the project, as Madeon readies to hit the road on tour in support of his forthcoming album with a Good Faith live tour, launching Oct. 30 and extending into mid-December.

"Be Fine" is the third single from the album, following "All My Friends" and "DreamDreamDream." The track is out now on Sony Music. Listen to it below.