Beatsource, Digital Download Service for Open-Format DJs, Launches Public Beta: Exclusive

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Courtesy of Beatsource


The new product by Beatport & DJcity is intended to reach an underserved segment of the worldwide DJ community.

Tuesday will see the official beta launch of Beatsource, a new digital download store built to service open-format DJs.

A collaboration between digital download leader Beatport and open-format community promo pool DJcity, Beatsource is intended to provide open-format DJs with the music they need to play any event. The playlist-driven service features lists for hip-hop, R&B, Latino, electronic, radio hits, Southern hits, cumbia, Afrobeats and many other curated playlist assembled from both new and classic tracks.

The service is launching with playlists from curators including Heisler Euan (aka Kidd Spin), the Music Director at DJcity; Andrew Ortiz (aka DJ Drew) of 102.7 KIIS-FM; Alaric Fuller (aka DJ Majestik) of 97.1 AMP Radio LA & FireLane; James Grey (aka DJames) of Capital XTRA (UK); and Daniel "DC" Calderon, the Head of Latin Music Programming at TuneIn. By targeting open-format artists, Beatsource aims to target an underserved segment of the worldwide DJ community.

"Past generations of open-format DJs had access to 12-inch vinyl or CD singles that contained special DJ versions such as instrumentals, acapellas and extended edits," DJcity founder and CEO Brian "DJ Quickie" Wong tells Billboard Dance. "DJs have a long history of differentiating themselves by 'crate-digging' for unique versions of songs to include in their DJ sets but today's mainstream digital providers focus on music consumers over professional DJs."

"As the consumer music services got better and smarter, the DJ was forgotten," Wong continues. "Algorithms rule the charts. A good open-format DJ can read any room and quickly adapt their music selection upon instinct. Your favorite DJ may not always be playing the top 10 hits of the moment, but they are your favorite DJ because their music selection speaks to you. Beatsource is curated specifically to give the professional DJ the tools to be your favorite DJ."

The download service is the first of three new Beatsource products. Still forthcoming is a LINK service that will use Beatport technology to integrate the Beatsource store directly into DJ software and hardware and allow DJs to stream in online of offline mode. The upcoming PROMO service will offer a subscription tier for professional DJs. These products are anticipated to launch by the end of 2019 and early 2020, respectively.

"Beatsource will deliver expertly curated playlists and premium content from our label partners specifically tailored to the open-format DJ, all leveraging Beatport's world class technical infrastructure," Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels says in a statement.