A Timeline of Nina Las Vegas & Anna Lunoe's 15-Year Friendship, In Their Own Words

Anna Lunoe & Nina Las Vegas
Elizabeth de la Piedra (AL) / John Liwag (NLV)

Anna Lunoe & Nina Las Vegas

The producer pals share the highlights of their longstanding musical friendship.

Anna Lunoe and Nina Las Vegas have one of dance music's great friendships. The duo met 15 years ago, when they were both coming up through the electronic scene in their native Australia. They've since seen each other through jobs, gigs, parties, festivals, lineups, boys, weddings, babies and much more as their stars have risen. 

On Friday (Sept. 27), Lunoe and Las Vegas reach a new milestone in their friendship with the release of their first ever collaborative track "One Thirty." Released via Mad Decent and Las Vegas' NLV records, the track is a slick, glitchy affair that deserves to get stuck in your head all weekend.   

To celebrate this new track, Lunoe and Las Vegas offer, in their own words, a timeline of their most admirable friendship. 

2006: Anna and Nina met at FBi Radio in Redfern Sydney during the weekly Saturday volunteer shift. Anna was working at the front desk and Nina was assistant producing Nick Findlay’s (now triple j’s Music Director) radio show. After only a few weeks saying hi to each other, Nina invited Anna to her 21st. Anna didn’t go.

2007: A big year! After seeing each other more and more, the girls started developing a friendship/ breakfast club with other FBi/Newtown/Enmore affiliates. Shout out the short lived, iconic Sydney blog Movestill.

Adding to actual blossoming friendship, Nina and Anna started sharing skill sets at the Heaps Decent studio in Alexandra. Anna taught Nina DJing, and Nina taught Anna Pro-tools, kinda. After Nina played first gig at Sydney’s The Claire and pre-mixed the whole thing, Anna’s help was needed.

Alongside Bad Ezzy, Nina Las Vegas and Anna Lunoe accidently founded Hoops after all three playing at a Sass & Bide Christmas Party, catching the eye of a Falls Festival Promoter who asked them to play the festival in Lorne (as their second gig as a trio lol)! Hoops first gig!

2007-2012: These were some reallllllll blurry years. Modular, Diplo, Ksubi, M.I.A, Salt n’ Pepa, Anna hosting Sunsets on FBi Radio, Nina hosting House Party and Mix Up Exclusives on triple j, soy mochas, Ro Sham Bo & Hoops parties, boys (for Nina), weddings (for Anna), becoming best friends with Kelis, SIA, Snoop Dogg and heaps of other celebs, dancing all night every weekend at Goodgod (R.I.P), Bandits (R.I.P), One Love (R.I.P), playing a million festivals, getting featured in a weird Marie Claire article… the list goes on.

2009: Anna goes on her first American Tour! She is living in New York for two months, and Nina comes to visit! They play back to back at a roller rink party in Brooklyn.

2012: After a few years of going back and forth, Anna moves to LA to follow her dreams to DJ in America and leaves Nina to dominate radio back in Australia! The pair see each other on the reg though, as Nina can’t stay away from Anna’s couch. They keep the friendship strong by making each other smoothies and wearing the others merch whenever they can!

2014: Like all true friends, Nina heads to Palm Springs to watch Anna play her first Coachella! The pair then take on heaps of the US together, including Miami, where you can visually see the two galavanting in Anna’s video “All Out” in 2014. They shared an Airbnb, played 20 gigs each and didn’t sleep for a week

2015: Nina plays first US Show, Day Of The Dead and Anna comes to support! Later that year Nina leaves triple j and starts NLV Records. Anna now has a show called Hyperhouse on Beats 1 and is the first to both send her off and congratulate. (Check Anna's mix for Nina’s final show.) 

2016: Finally, Nina gets a Coachella Set! Anna comes too!

2016: Anna’s Hyper House Tours are in Full Effect! Nina plays a few shows on the tour, with a then unknown DJ Cray warming up for them.

2017: Anna & Nina kick of 2017 going b2b every night on Holy Ship! Playing all their favorite dancehall, rap & favoriate weirdo club jams while simultaneously attempting dance routines they learned back in 2007. They probably made a few mistakes 'cause they were too busy having fun but no one seemed to mind...

March 2017: Nina  and Anna agree to support their old mate Diplo (who is now super famous) on his big Australian tour with Post Malone. Anna is secretly pregnant and cranky the whole tour. Nina covers for Anna lots and makes sure she has a constant snack supply.

August 2017: Hard Summer HEAPS Pregnant! It’s the hottest day in history, and Anna is about to pop! Everyone got a picture with Anna’s belly -- including DJ Snake on stage while he headlined the festival but we can’t find the photo.

Christmas 2017: Anna gets the baby out (Sup Willa!) Anna, Nina and Ezzy’s DJ collective Hoops turns 10! They throw a party in Sydney at Christmas when everyone is home. They ask Alison Wonderland to open for them, just like back in 2007 ! She says yes!

2019: Diplo invites Anna and Nina to come play at his cool Grammy’s party. Diplo wins a Grammy! Katy Perry makes them share a toilet cubicle, and they try to say hi to Leo but he stares blankly and walks away from them. Also the music cuts out for ages while they were DJing…but they were the real winners!

A few months later... Nina is staying at Anna’s in LA, and they decide over breakfast that day that Nina should come to the studio with Anna and try to make a banger...Their chemistry is electrifying. Two weeks later, they play the song they made in front of thousands of people in Jakarta, and it bangs. After a million years of friendship, hairstyles, lols and b2b’s Nina and Anna have finally made their first banger together! Go listen to it below The end!



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