Kaskade Shares His Redux Playlist: 'I Play This and People Cry'

Mark Owens


The superstar producer discusses the 10 tracks that are crucial to his 'Redux' project.

Redux sets have been a key component of the Kaskade repertoire for years, with the superstar producer leaning into the more underground house end of the electronic spectrum through these shows and corresponding series of Redux EPs.

While the artist born Ryan Raddon still collaborates with pop superstars ("With You," his single with Meghan Trainor, is currently sitting at No. 12 on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs) and plays many of the biggest festival stages in the world, with the intimate Redux shows he nods to an earlier era of his career when he paid his way through college by DJing and owned a record shop in Salt Lake City. 

But Redux also encapsulates the latest incarnation of Kaskade as he's currently on the road for his largely sold out Redux tour. Extending across the United States through mid-November, the tour includes a set this Sunday (Sept. 29) at San Diego's CRSSD music festival, where Kaskade plays amongst a lineup including Richie Hawtin, Fisher, Hot Chip, Anna Lunoe, Moon Boots and many more. 

In his own words, Kaskade reflects on 10 tracks that are key to Redux:

Late Night Alumni, "The This This" (Kaskade Remix)

"This song has a way of using the vocals to the very best effect on a dark floor. It’s upbeat, but not overwhelmingly so. It’s also immediately sing-able, so by the time I’m 45 seconds in, the crowd is usually louder than the song when the chorus comes through."

Kaskade & Late Night Alumni, "Laydown"

"Inserted at exactly the right time, this song makes such an impact. It isn’t what you’d think of when on a dance floor, but with a little mashing up, the lights off and after rinsing the crowd with deep heavy waves, this comes on it’s almost a group meditation."

Julien Jabre, "Swimming Places" (Sebastian Ingrosso Re-edit)

"Because my job is to drive people nuts trying to figure out what I’m playing, it’s a treat to put songs together to create an entirely different vibe. I love to pair this with my song 'Pose,' which creates a very hypnotic state that almost has a drop. But this is Redux, so don’t hold your breath for that."

Kaskade & Felix Cartal, "More" (Diplo Remix)

"When Felix and I put 'More' together, it worked in my Redux sets, but then Diplo put his hands on it, and it worked in an entirely new way. His twisty bassline and pitched down vocals turn 'More' into a sultry late-night jam."

Ry X, "Only" (Kaskade x Lipless Remix)

"Still can’t shake this song. It was perfect as is, but Lipless and I flipped it into something that works as a shining example of what Redux can be. I play this and people cry. Not bragging, it’s just true."

Kaskade & Sego, "Ruckus"

"If you listen to the lyrics of this song, it kind of elevates the Redux mood from serious to funny. It’s so infectious and the fact that it’s talking about your grandma liking it...well, we all need our super fans."

Two Door Cinema Club, "Handshake" (Amtrac Remix)

"I’ve been playing this song since the very beginning of Redux. It’s a beautiful blend of that dreamy synth and almost '80s sounding vocal. I’ve never played this song and had it fall flat. It’s a rare example of everything coming together just perfectly."

Kaskade, "Ain’t Gotta Lie"

"This is off the very first Redux EP. Fresh off my Freaks of Nature tour I was ready to take everything from macro to micro and this song helped me bridge that journey. It doesn’t make it into every Redux set, but it’s a milestone song for me."

Kaskade, "On Your Mind"

"A perfect example of how a bass-driven song with some percussive accents and a smooth voice can just immediately take the audience to that climactic place they’re trying to get to when they sign up for a night of Redux. 'On Your Mind' always hits them in those feelings."

Kaskade, "The Diner" (Feat. Sara Diamond)

"On the right system, the bass in this song will crack your sternum. That’s both a warning and a promise."