J. Worra Unleashes Funky House Single 'Bones': Exclusive

J Worra
Sam Klegermam

J. Worra

House music should have a sense of humor but it's still got to bang, and Chicago native J. Worra knows how to walk that line. Billboard Dance has kept an eye her emerging talent since her wonky, synth-fueled remix of Kaskade's "Tight." She's since released tunes on Dirtybird, Insomniac Records, mau5trap and more, but her latest frog-ribbet rhythm "Bones" comes courtesy of Thrive Music.

"Bones" is a club cut through and through with pulsing house drums and eccentric synth bleets. We didn't call this a frog-ribbet rhythm for nothing, and there's a side of extraterrestrial UFO in the track's sci-fi oddity. Worra brings her friend Ushi Qute to deliver a saucy urbanite vocal icing to the cake.

"I made this instrumental one day when I was just messing around with my moog," Worra tells Billboard Dance. "A few weeks later, Kaleena [Ushi Qute] and I were hanging out and wrote the vocals. She recorded them in in one pass, and that was that! I never really thought it would get released, but after I started playing it out and people kept asking about it, I knew it should be. I love this record. It reminds me a lot of my Chicago roots and old-school Green Velvet tracks that got me into producing in the first place."

"Bones" is out everywhere Friday, but you can hear the tune a day early below.