Oliver Heldens & Riton Sample Yazoo Classic For 'Turn Me On': Exclusive

Oliver Heldens and Riton
Cooper Seykens; Jordan Curtis Hughes

Oliver Heldens and Riton 

Even if you don't think you know Yazoo's 1982 classic "Don't Go," you probably do. That tinkering synth riff intro is iconic to the new wave movement and everything that would become '80s culture (read: overgrown bangs, severe eye-makeup, computers). It's got more than 53.5 million views on one bootleg YouTube video uploaded since 2012.

No doubt it was a little daunting when Oliver Heldens and Riton got to sampling that generational gem, but the collaborative "Turn Me On" is a most righteous disco-house sequal, and even Yazoo songwriter Vince Clarke (also of Depeche Mode, Erasure and more), had to give his approval.

"I always wanted to be the Alison Moyet to Vince Clarke in Yazoo,” Riton is quoted in a press release. “The lovely chap has let me sample his smash hit ‘Don’t Go.' I’m honoured. Thank you to the big man.”

"Turn Me On" is a retro club banger that'll put any modern dance fan in a futuristic fever. Instead of singer Moyet's androgynous belt, Heldens and Riton put soulful vocalist Vula on the track. She booms with '90s verve to one "Dr. Love," itself a sample of a 1977 disco tune by Philly girl group First Choice.

"Recently, I’ve been really enjoying sampling songs from the '70s and '80s," Heldens is quoted, "so I loved reworking the iconic Yazoo synth sample and First Choice’s ‘Doctor Love’ hook in to this fresh 2019 Dance smash. Working on this together with Riton and Vula has been really fun and constructive."

"Constructive" is one way to put it, but we'll just call it "funk perfection." "Turn Me On" is out Friday, Sept. 13, on Ministry of Sound, but you can listen to it a few hours early below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.