Carnage & Nazaar's 'Blitzkrieg' Video Is a Weapon Of Mass Dance-struction: Watch

Bryan Perez


Just because Carnage broadened his sonic horizons and got all in the feels for "Letting People Go," it doesn't mean Papi Gordo has gone soft. He needs you to know that he can still bang hard, so he's back with another brutal bass anthem for all the festival ravers that need something for the mosh pits.

"Blitzkrieg" is a high-octane weapon of mass dance-struction that Carnage can't wait to unleash on fans. It's a real speaker bleeder, featuring co-production from Nazaar and a wild inspirational message for all the anti-heros of the world. The headbang on this one is real, so prepare your body for whiplash.

"'Blitzkrieg' is for the ASOC Gang, The Chipotle Gang, and all the day ones who helped put me on the map," Carnage tells Billboard Dance. "But this record is more then that. It's for all the ravers, I've missed you. But just know, Papi is back, and I'm playing no games."

The video features a compilation of Carnage's live performance footage and stylized clips of heavy war machines. Helicopters, armored tanks, aircraft carriers and dynamite bombs flicker and explode in burnt oranges and lightning blues. It's all very fast-paced and multi-layered, which earns the clip an epilepsy warning.

Check it out below.