Riva Starr, Camelphat and Mikey V Bring the 'Electricity' On New Track: Exclusive

Riva Starr
Neil Favila

Riva Starr

Grab your miner hats and turn the light on bright, we're about to dig deep into hammering house with Riva Starr and CamelPhat.

The British DJs and producers got together for a hot and heavy two-track EP called Crystal Clear, and the EP's B-side is a steady pumpin' synth breaker designed to unlock the sweat from every pore.

Electronic textures swirl at dizzying speeds around a relentless, industrial rhtyhm while vocalist Mikey V whispers in each dancer's ear, inspiring unihibited madness. By the time the song's eight minutes are up, you'll be shooting sparks of your own.

"Electricity does exactly what it says in the title," Starr tells Billboard Dance. "Electric synth, electrifying beats and sexy vocals. It was fun to work on this tune with Camelphat and Mikey V."

Crystal Clear is out everywhere Friday, June 26, on Starr's label Snatch! Records. The EP is currently available for pre-order, and you can listen to "Electricity" below two days early, exclusively on Billboard Dance.