The 10 Best Rezz Songs

Austin Hargrave

REZZ photographed on March 15, 2019 at Neighbourhood Studios in Toronto.

Does Rezz really know how to hypnotize audiences? Surely, there's some strange magic at play, because as soon as this Canadian producer hit the scene, fans were fully hooked.

Her moody mix of dark, industrial styles takes influence from Gesaffelstein, Tiestodeadmau5 and Skrillex, but the artist born Isabelle Rezazadeh blends it all together with a certain nu-metal sound that evokes 2000s angst from Korn, Static X and the like.

She's a sound design master making haunted house music for the PLUR-loving masses. In honor of her third album Beyond the Senses, out tomorrow (July 24), Billboard Dance takes a closer look at her catalog and breaks down 10 of our favorite tracks from the Rezz catalog.

10. “Edge”

This is the song that really introduces the signature Rezz sound. Released in 2016 as the second track on her sophomore EP The Silence Is Deafening, it builds on the young producer's layered smoky chords and grimy bass bleets with the eerie, staccato synth melodies that become her calling card. There's something quaint about its simplicity, and its mastering levels definitely say “early in the career,” yet “Edge” remains a beloved classic with nearly 11 million streams on Spotify. Indeed, it's REZZ's most streams on a single song to date.

9. “Dark Age”

On this 2018 track, Rezz utilizes many of her usual tropes while exploring uncharted territory. Acoustic guitar welcomes the listener into a new aural era on this lead single from Rezz' third album, Beyond the Senses. Creepy music box jingles, depressed chords and the faint sound of screams in the background make “Dark Age” a truly terrifying taste of sounds to come.

8. “Relax”

Just take a nice breath in and stop struggling. Rezz is your queen now, and she just wants what's best for you. “Relax” is the introductory track from her 2017 debut LP Mass Manipulation. Each track off the album explores different methods of mind control, and this one features vocal samples from a calming hypnosis meditation. The track's underlying anxiety is real, but it's mellowed with meditative contemplation and rolling bass rumbles. Close your eyes, and enjoy.

7. “Premonition” Feat. Knodis

Also taken from her 2017 debut album Mass Manipulation, “Premonition” moves slow and steady towards a headbangin' hook that serves Skrillex-style vocal chop against block-rockin' beats. It's got a lot of that 2000s nu-metal flavor in its instrumental verses, the second of which features lots of textural layers to give your brain some exercise. The song is paired with a psychedelic video, illustrated by Luis Colindres, who also worked on the official Rezz coloring book.

6. “DRUGS!” (feat. 13)

Also from Mass Manipulation, “DRUGS!” is all about the wonky stomps and syncopated rhythms. Much like drugs themselves, the bass-driven tune plays with perception and dynamics to throw you off balance in the most delightful way. It's a song for zombie breakdancers who get loose on hell-scape street corners while dealers sling radioactive tablets to ghoulish freaks in tattered rags. One listen could prove addictive, so bang with caution.

5. “Mixed Signals” (feat. Blanke)

Released as a standalone single in late 2018, “Mixed Signals” plays on many of Rezz' most treasured soundscapes with sci-fi edge. Computational instruments bleep through radio static and scrambled bits of Japanese singing before the bass bursts through. This is pure, unadulterated Rezz taken to the cleanest degree, and the late-aught electro and dubstep-inspired hook keeps up hanging on for more.

4. “Falling” (feat. Underoath)

Another sound clash experiment from Beyond the Senses, “Falling” sees Rezz work with Underoath singer Aaron Gillespie on a rare ballad. Traditional song structure comes through her club-pumping sound, and the hook hits hard with sonic texture and brassy bass. The video shows Rezz on a mission to save Gillespie from a virtual nightmare, a clip that teases a VR accompaniment to the Beyond the Senses album.

3. “Purple Gusher”

This is an oldie but a goodie, the first-track and lead single from Rezz' third EP Something Wrong Here. It's one of the quintessential Rezz tunes, putting her fuzzy, dark-room, industrial stomp style on full display. The song was re-imagined on Mass Manipulation as “Green Gusher” with even more scratching and sound effects, but the original "Purple" variety has the bigger place in our heart, if only because it screams “this is Rezz” with all the gusto our mesmerized drool-faces can muster.

2. “Kiss of Death” (feat. Deathpact)

Released as the final single before Beyond the Senses' wide release, this second official collaboration with Deathpact stands as one of our absolute favorite Rezz songs to date. It's dark; it's brooding and it's ballsy as all hell. Those drum fills are massive and the interplay of noises keeps us on our toes. The production is clean, but the beats are so, so dirty.

1. “Hex” (feat. 1788-L)

Our favorite track comes from Rezz' second album, A Certain Kind of Magic. Though it closely followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, “Hex” stands out as a dynamic takeaway. it incorporates synths in the style of metal guitars, a forebear of things to come, and the drum'n'bass build has been known to smash faces. The drop is gnarled and monstrous, with enough sidechained noise to blow a blood vessel. Rezz called it one of her heaviest tracks to date, and called her collaboration with 1788-L “one of the easiest and most fluid” of her career thus far.