Madeon's Life Flashes Neon Rainbows in 'All My Friends' Video: Watch

Diego Andrade


When Billboard Dance spoke to Madeon in June, the French producer said he'd decorated his entire house in psychedelic imagery. The walls were plastered with highly saturated pictures of people and places, all so he could physically, mentally and emotionally immerse himself in his forthcoming sophomore album Good Faith.

Inspiration struck during a trip to New York City, during which one magical walk through Manhattan led to lead single "All My Friends," and that hallucinogenic imagery is on full display in the "All My Friends" music video, which Madeon directed.

"I've realized that the familiar can feel exceptional just because of the space your head is at," Madeon tells Billboard Dance. "Those initial first three days in New York, it was a city I had been to before and things I had done before, but somehow, it felt so magical and important, in fact, profound. Colors felt more vivid. The emotion that music produced seemed more intense. I tried to describe that in the visuals."

The video features Madeon and friends hanging out in what would probably be rather normal and mundane situations if it weren't for the rainbow strobe effect covering every inch of the screen. When the pictures explode into brightness, these are the moments Madeon feels most alive.

Madeon says he made the video just recently, and decided to get it out into the world in as few days as possible. The video ends with the positive message that "spontaneity is good." Stop thinking and push that play button on the "All My Friends" video below.

Be Warned: This video is a strong trigger for anyone with epilepsy.