Felix Jaehn & Calum Scott Look Inside Themselves in 'Love On Myself' Video: Watch

Felix Jaehn Calum Scott
Viktor Schanz

Felix Jaehn and Calum Scott

You can spend your whole life looking for true love, but you'll never find it unless you first realize your real soul mate is yourself.

Felix Jaehn has done the hard work of looking in the mirror and learning to love, and that journey is represented in the music video for his single "Love On Myself," out today (July 16). The subtle groove features inspirational vocals from UK singer Calum Scott, and the clip shows both walking metaphorically through a tranformative field of lavender. Their fears are calmed, their true intentions shine bright, and the pair emerge triumphantly stronger and more secure.

"'Love On Myself‘ speaks directly from our hearts, and we hope that it reaches yours," Jaehn tells Billboard Dance. "I was looking for answers in all the wrong places, until I finally understood that I had to look inside and figure myself out in order to find what I was looking for.“

Love of another won't solve your problems, but love for yourself is the foundation for a satisfying and successful life. Jaehn and Scott invite you to join them on this journey with the "Love On Myself" music video below.