Madeon Dives Deeper Into 'Good Faith' With 'Dream Dream Dream' & Apple Music Radio Show: Watch

Diego Andrade


If you're looking to get a handle on the sonic spectrum of Madeon's forthcoming sophomore LP Good Faith, we've got you covered. He debuted the project with the pop-forward sing-along "All My Friends," and in a recent interview with Billboard Dance, he expressed excitement over sharing the follow-up, "Dream Dream Dream." He said it would showcase the album's range of styles and deepening storyline, and now, fans can explore the complicated joy of what is officially named as the album's opening track.

"I was really happy when I made it, because I felt like it captured what I was trying to achieve aesthetically with Good Faith and what I was trying to communicate in terms of lyrical content, and just meaning and purpose," he told Apple Music in a recent interview with Beats 1. "I felt like I finally found the vibe."

Madeon has a lot more planned for Beats 1, as he's recently launched his own show series, Good Faith Radio. It will help Madeon to further explore the Good Faith concept, as well as share new music and unreleased edits from his catalog, as well as share the work of artists he loves and admires through radio spins and candid interviews.

"'Good faith,' to me, as an expression ... evokes trust and faith in the future," he tells Beats 1. "It's those moments in life when reality feels more beautiful and more important than usual, where the mundane becomes profound. That's what I love most about art, is that when you listen to a good song, your regular life just feels epic, feels important, feels profound in the way that it truly is, and more colorful, and more beautiful. That's my favorite feature of music. It just adds a layer, a filter, on top of it. And we're going to do that by listening to more really cool music."

Tune into Madeon's Good Faith Radio for free on Apple Music, hear some clips from his interview about the show, and watch the psychedelic music video for "Dream Dream Dream" below.