Sebastian's 'Beograd' Video Features a Sweaty Dance Marathon: Watch

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SebastiAn "Beograd"

Who's ready to thrash? Sebastian's back with another one of those repetitive, body-rockin' beats, and he got with long-time pal and visual collaborator So Me to craft a music video of dance inspiration. 

The tune is called "Beograd," named after the Serbian-French producer's sometimes-home of Belgrade. The video picks up where he and So Me left off with 2011 hit "Embody."

"Sebastian and I have been collaborating since they day we were (artistically) born," So Me tells Billboard Dance. "Back when I was full-time art director for French electronic music label Ed Banger Records, Sebastian would visit one day and submit his first demos. Quite impressed with that young talent blossoming before our very eyes and ears, we decided to release them, and I got to design his first record sleeves. Now you could say we’re family."

"I always had a soft spot for his music, and already with Iconoclast, I got to direct his first music video for a track called 'Embody,'" So Me continues. "The video was following the steps of an imaginary dancer in the city of Los Angeles, 'embodying' the track wherever people listened to it...replace L.A. with Sebastian’s heritage city [of] Belgrade, and multiply the dancers."

The eye-catching clip features distinctive faces and bodies with equally singular and often awkward dance moves. The song's slinky synth loops and pressing rhythms unlock some meditative movement free from inhibitions, and the video's dancers are there to show you how it's done. 

"'Beograd' is a killer track, raw and uncompromising, and the video [is] an ode to the city," So Me says, "a dreamlike encounter with its most colorful characters, shot on 35mm. A secret society of dancers, each with their own style and background, who meet in secret in what seems to be confrontational duels with no designated winner -- until exhaustion."

There's something violent in that final shot, the way the man's chest rises and falls in a desperate attempt to breathe. It's in line with the rest of Sebastian's recent videos, "Thirst" and "Run For Me," in that way. "Beograd" is the third official single from his forthcoming album Thirst, due for release on Ed Banger Oct. 25.

the album is due outWatch "Beograd," directed by So Me, below.