Marshmello Debuts 'Joytime III' In Mobile App Game: Play Now



Marshmello's Joytime III album is out everywhere Wednesday, July 3, but you can actually listen to it right now - if you're willing to download a new mobile app rhythm game and play along to unlock all the LP tracks. 

Marshmello Music Dance is a rather straight-forward app, developed in conjunction with Gamejam and available now on Apple App and Google Play stores. Players tap along to the beat of unreleased Marshmello tracks in the style of DDR or Guitar Hero. The closer you are to a perfect hit, the closer you get to earning Mello coins and points that unlock new songs and playable dancers. In-game characters include Marshmello's manager Moe Shalizi, fellow producer Slushii, and a Chinese caricature named Mr. Nguyen.

The app is free, and though it is labeled for players 10 years or older, the Google Play store notes that it was "not designed for children." Marshmello Music Dance features ads and in-game purchases. Players can buy $50 worth of gem packs, the use for which could not be determined in our 15 minutes of game play. All in all, it seems a rather simple game designed to engage Marshmello's younger fan base who may do anything to hear Marshmello's music a day before release.

Marshmello has a long history of working within the video game sector. His famous in-game Fortnite concert proved historic in number of participants and in terms of the marketing push it afforded him. Marshmello also hosts a gaming channel on YouTube. Check the fan-posted clip below to get a visual on the Marshmello Music Dance game play.