Bermuda's Noise Cans & Dancehall's Doktor Celebrate 'Life' to the Fullest On New Track: Exclusive

 Warren St. Patrick
Noise Cans

Bermuda producer Noise Cans has teamed with British-Jamaican dancehall artist Doktor to bring a positive message to "Life," with his latest premiering exclusively on Billboard Dance today (June 26).

"Life" is bright and bass heavy with a monster trap drop that still manages to keep some tropical freshness. A hardcore breakdown near the song's end kicks the energy into high gear, at once fun and fanciful but hard-hitting, too. The song is equal parts celebration and serious warning. Get to dancing while you can. You never know when the rug may be pulled under your feet.

"People have a tendency to compare their lives to others success or happiness, forgetting that your true happiness comes from within," the masked producer tells Billboard Dance. "We put so much pressure on ourselves that we forget to enjoy life. I want this song to be a celebration of happiness and gratitude for where we are in this moment."

"After the death of so many of my friends, life shows me that time is precious," Doktor adds. "Watch your step, but live it to the fullest."

"Life" is out everywhere Thursday (June 27) on Showtek's label Skink, but you can listen to it one day ahead of schedule below.