Juan MacLean and Man Power Team Up On Driving, Melodic 'Crescendo' EP: Exclusive

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Geoff Kirkwood & Juan MacLean
Juan Power (Juan MacLean and Man Power)

In February of this year, DFA house master Juan MacLean and funky Me Me Me label boss Man Power got together to spin some tunes at New York City's online station The Lot Radio. The duo called itself Juan Power, and there was enough magic in the air to sustain an ongoing collaboration that now bears fruit in the form of a three-song EP (via label Life and Death).

The Crescendo EP builds around its title track, a nearly nine-minute epic that begins hot and heavy with jungle rhythms and industrial steam. It takes four minutes to get to the song's bittersweet melodic hook. It's haunting and beautiful as it glows bright in a dreamy haze. The almost goth-pop refrain melts into a corrupted synth breakdown and returns triumphantly to carry "Crescendo" to a steady, driving end. "Crescendo" was in fact the second track MacLean and Power wrote together during their very first Juan Power studio session.

"It was born of us both trying to hone in on a load of artists we’d both discovered we mutually admired," Power tells Billboard Dance. "I know that Dennis Ferrer and Peace Division were two of those artists we had in mind particularly when making this. The whole thing came together in less than two hours, I think. It was one take with both of us jumping back and forward between the console, synthesizers and drum machines, adding whatever sounded natural and right. That kind of thing is a lot easier to do when you set out a palette in advance, and when you completely trust the person you’re working alongside.”

The B-side of the EP features an edit of Juan Power's "Excuse Me Daddy" from DJ Tennis and an original titled "Praise The Toad." You can catch Juan Power on the decks at Topaz Deluxe in Mexico and Elsewehere in NYC June 22 and July 26 respectively. 

Crescendo is out in full Friday, June 28, but you can listen to "Crescendo" ahead of time, exclusively on Billboard Dance.