DallasK, Nicky Romero & Xylo's Love Lingers in 'Sometimes' Video: Exclusive

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Renata Raksha; Sabine Metz; Hayley Appel 
DallasK, Nicky Romero and XYLØ 

Does true love ever really die? Sometimes it takes years to get over those people under your skin. Sometimes it takes a new relationship, or two new relationships, and "Sometimes," the ghost of the past never really goes away. That's the kind of love DallasK, Nicky Romero and Xylo wrote about on their summer heartbreak sing-along, and that's the lingering memory that haunts the cuties who struggle to move on in the official music video. 

The story is all too real for those of us who've loved and lost. A man and a woman had some reason to walk away, but they can't stop looking back. They go about their daily lives with new partners, and yet the feeling lives deep inside them, bubbling up to the surface in ways that make their new lovers' shake their heads. 

It's a relatable story fans have streamed more than two million times. Relive your own unforgettable yesterdays with the official music video for "Sometimes" below, released early exclusively on Billboard Dance.