Jillionaire Leaves Major Lazer, Replaced By Ape Drums

Major Lazer
Shane McCauley

Major Lazer

After eight years with the trio, Jillionaire has officially left Major Lazer, the Caribbean-influenced trio fronted by founding member Diplo. Jillionaire will be replaced by Ape Drums, Billboard  has confirmed. The new trio took the stage together at the Governors Ball festival in New York City over the weekend. A fourth album is confirmed to be on the way with an unanounced release date planned for this summer.

Originally a duo comprised of Diplo and UK producer/DJ Switch, Major Lazer released its first album in 2009. Switch left the duo in 2011, replaced immediately by Trinidadian Jillionaire and Jamaican Washy Fire. Under this makeup, Major Lazer released two dance-pop crossover albums, 2013's Free the Universe and 2015's Peace Is the Mission, as well as 2014's Apocalypse Soon and 2017's Know No Better EPs.

Born in Houston, Texas, Ape Drums is known for mixing Caribbean sounds into his trap-tinged productions. His 2016 single "The Way We Do This" features co-production credits from Major Lazer. Billboard Dance has reached out to both Major Lazer and Ape Drums for official comment.

See a picture from Gov Ball and a recent "era" change announcement posted to Major Lazer's Twitter below.