Kolsch Breaks Down His Flight-Inspired 'Fabric Presents: Kolsch' Mix Album

Jimmy Mould


DJs spend a lot of time on planes, and while some use it as time to rest, recharge or just be alone, other find the perspective of being 40,000 miles over the Earth incredibly inspiring. There's a peaceful stillness up there, especially on long overnight flights -- and juxtaposed between the hectic foreign streets and loud, bright club environments, it offers a refreshing musical point of view.

For his latest album, a 10-track collection of original songs mixed into one another for Fabric Presents, Danish producer Kolsch channels this energy in the most literal sense. Every one of the LP's tracks was composed during one particular flight. He named each tune after the flight number, and in this exclusive track-by-track breadown, he lets Billboard Dance readers hear more about the musical experiments each flight inspired.

Read on about the ins and outs of Fabric Presents: Kolsch (DJ Mix) below.

Charlotte, NC to Tampa, FL:  1h 37 min
I wanted to start off the Fabric series with something very deep and evolving. As opposed to my usual productions, it was to be dry and about details. This track was it. It slowly builds in to strings and a vibe from seemingly nothing.

Montreal, QB to Frankfurt, Germany: 6h 28 min
Drama! The combination of Arpeggios and strings is ancient. In this case, the idea was to have opposing rhythms of the two. I wanted to create tension and evolution, an ever-evolving contradiction.

Amsterdam to Copenhagen, Denmark: 1h 13 min
The first two pieces are dark and gloomy. Time for hope, enthusiasm and joy. This track was inspired by coming home from a long tour; the feeling of something familiar, being reunited with your loved ones and your hometown.

London to Inverness, Scotland: 1h 50 min
The Enthusiasm is here. A piece about new adventure and moving towards the horizon. Everything is possible, and the sun is out.

Singapore to Hong Kong: 3h 53 min
The meeting of two cities, arguably the two most modern places in the world. [It] inspired me to make an old school electro track, inspired by the mothership for electronic music: Detroit.

Fort Lauderdale, FL to Montreal, QB: 3h 37 min
A darkness returns. Inspired by my early drum'n'bass days, this track is pure mood for the clubs. A compilation of all the elements I've experienced at Fabric over the years, it's a becoming an homage to London club culture.

Orly, France to Malta: 2h 27 min
The interplay of Arpeggios. The French love a melodic techno track, and coming straight of the decks in Paris, that's what came out on that day. Inspiration doesn’t have to be complicated.

Ibiza to Barcelona: 1h
Let's ditch all the conventional ideas of arrangement and just make it feel right. Inspired by the beauty of Ibiza, this piece with falling chords and lo-fi strings came out during the 1 hour flight to Barcelona.

San Fransisco to Boston: 5h 35 min
With no sleep and battling the fatigue of traveling, this track came out. Piano and big chords bleeding all over the track, it felt like a fitting track for the moment.

Glasgow, Scotland to Dublin, Ireland: 1h 13 min
The travel between two of my favorite cities in the world ended up revealing this track. A fitting end to my journey log. Soft drums and sweet melancholic chords act like a virtual pillow for sleepless Artists. [It] makes you feel at easy on a full flight.

Fabric Presents: Kolsch (DJ Mix) is out now on Fabric Worldwide. Fly high with the 10-track album below.