Bass-Lovin' Band AHZ Debuts With 'Bad Decisions': Exclusive

Brendon O’Neal


There's a rich tradition of electronic bands, from the disco days of Chic to drum'n'bass four-piece Pendulum. Live guitar with drum machines can get the dance floor hoppin' as much as any DJ, and that's what Brody Jenner and his buddies Adam O'Rourke, Savi and Loren aim to prove. AHZ is their name and bass is their game, and lead single "Bad Decisions" has a touch of pop-punk sneer and trudging metal in its DNA.

“AHZ was created out of our pure love for music and a desire to bring something to the electronic scene that we felt was missing," the band tells Billboard Dance in a joint statement. "We love so many different kinds of music that what we ended up making is truly genre bending. We want this new generation to feel some of what we felt going to rock concerts growing up and hope to do that with our live show.”

Jenner and O'Rourke first worked together as electronic duo More Better, but AHZ brings a more serious slant to its style. "Bad Decisions" blends snotty rock chants with jangling guitar melodies and drops it all over 808 beats with a dubstep-influenced drop. Dig into the song's lyrics, and it tells a rather grown up story about learning life's greatest lessons the hard way.

"I've always learned more from scars than stories told," O'Rourke tells Billboard Dance. "In life, we can find ourselves jumping into the same fire over and over again with a reckless optimism that whispers in our ear, somehow, some way, this time we won't be burned. It's a fundamental idiosyncrasy of human nature. At a certain point, I had to embrace that and say "fuck it, this is who I am, flaws and all, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

"The most important thing for us in life and in making music together is to be true to ourselves and not really pay much attention to anything else," the band continues. "If we created from a place of appeasing a certain demographic, or worried about what other people were thinking or doing, it would sterilize our vision. In our humble opinion, good songwriters write to connect to an audience; great songwriters speak their truth and let an audience connect to them. Good artists know how to make things; great artists know how and why to break things. I'm not saying we are there yet, but we are trying."

"Bad Decisions" is out everywhere Friday, but you can listent to it a day early below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.