Shaq's Diesel Summer League 2019 Tour Stops at Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland & More: Exclusive

Shaquille O'Neal Diesel
Tin Lazar

Shaquille O'Neal aka Diesel

Shaquille O'Neal is the basketball legend-turned-bass DJ who really needs no introduction. The massive music lover has proven his career as DJ Diesel is no flash in the pan or passing phase. With performances at Tomorrowland, a residency at Wynn in Las Vegas and his succesful series of Shaq's Fun House events, he's proven that Diesel is not only here to stay, he's here to take over, and he'll work toward dance floor domination with a 20-date Summer League 2019 tour.

"I always say there are two things that bring people together: Sports & Music," Shaq tells Billboard Dance. "I happen to dominate at both. I miss my NBA days, but to me, DJing is like a sport. My rookie years as a DJ are over, and when I get in the booth on this Summer League tour in front of 100,000 people, it is like game seven all over again."

The Sumer League 2019 tour takes Shaq all across the United States with dates tht include his Wynn residency, plus stops at Red Rocks, Electric Zoo, Lollapalooza, and more. He'll even jump across the Atlantic for a date at Tomorrowland where he'll bring his Fun House atmosphere to one of the world's biggest festival events. 

"It was very clear to us Shaq is ready for some of the biggest festival main stages in the world," says Shaq's co-manager Adam Richman, who helped found the Fun House idea alongside partner Joe Silberzweig. "No one trains harder than Shaquille and you can be certain he is going to tear up main stages around the world."

The expansion also includes the beginning of something called Shaq's Bass All Stars, the crew with which he will curate festival stage takeovers like the Tomorrowland Fun House. He'll also bring his handpicked favorites to stops at Washington, D.C., and Kansas City. Check the full list of Summer League tour dates below, and visit for ticket info.

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