Bebe Rexha Poisons The Chainsmokers In 'Call You Mine' Video: Watch

Love makes us do crazy things, and in the case of Bebe Rexha, it makes her plot the death of her favorite dance-pop duo. Not in real life, of course. Bebe Rexha would never take out The Chainsmokers. Not when they're busy making catchy songs like "Call You Mine," the fourth single from the duo's third album World War Joy. However, Rexha does play a femme fatale in the official music video, and the story is told in reverse.

"Call You Mine" is an upbeat rhythm with a melody that simmers with just a hint of sensual darkness. That shadow is exploited in the visual, where viewers meet Rexha after the crime has been committed and keep watching to find out just why she wanted to poison the dudes in the first place. Spoiler alert: there's no clear reason. She just, uh, loves them a little too much.

World War Joy is The Chainsmokers second self-building LP, wherein tracks are revealed one by one across streaming platforms, tresting each as a single in its own right. The Rexha collab follows the track "Kills You Slowly," as well as "Do You Mean" with Ty Dolla $ign and Bulow, and the 5 Seconds of Summer collab "Who Do You Love."

"Call You Mine" is out now on Disruptor Records. Watch the music video starring Rexha as evil vixen below.