Flying Lotus, George Clinton, Zhu & More Top Meow Wolf's Trippy Taos Vortex Fest 2019

Taos Vortex
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Taos Vortex

Have you heard of Meow Wolf? It's the interactive, immersive psychedelic art experience you keep seeing pictures and videos of on social media. The New Mexico-based company has its headquarters in Sante Fe, and it draws comparisons to a real-life trip down Wonderland's rabbit hole or walking through a painting by Salvador Dalí.

The main Meow Wolf location is buzz-worthy on its own, but the company expands its experience to further dimensions of sight and sound with its Taos Vortex music and art festival, which grows in 2019 to a three-day event with performances from truly trippy artists including Flying Lotus, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Zhu, Mija, G Jones, Lykke Li and more.

Taos Vortex will bring these sets to life in over-the-top environments full of magical creatures and surreal scenes. Last year's insanity included a moving 20-foot gorilla, a seven-eyed jaguar, a laser harp hut and a gummy bear pyramid. This year's festival comes to Taos, New Mexico, on Aug. 16-18. Tickets are on sale now. You can get a feel for the Meow Wolf experience with the promotional video and peep the full lineup of the 2019 Taos Vortex festival below.

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