Logic Cameos in Marshmello's 'Power' Video: Watch

Marshmello - Power
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Marshmello, "Power"

For superfans, there's nothing better than an unfolding storyline. Marshmello gets it, and the masked music maker has given us plenty of looks into his candy-coated world. We’ve seen him make his way through high school, playing talent shows and walking the stage at graduation. We even saw him putting in work pre-fame at a boring office job -- but what was that office job all about? It's all explained via the "Power" music video.

In this chapter, Marshmello’s parents are out of town, and they’ve left plenty of notes telling him to take out the trash and get a freakin’ job. He sees an infomercial for DJ mixers on television. He wants it, but he needs money, so he searches Craigslist and finds a job in the “music business.” It looks a lot more like an office job a la Office Space -- in fact, it is the very same crappy office job he quits in the "Everyday" video, and we know this, because Logic makes cameos throughout.

Marshmello stacks his checks and saves his paper until he finally has enough to get that mixer. It’s a cute visual tale that reminds us all to “invest in yourself.” It was actually created in partnership with the Singleton Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to teaching millennials about financial literacy, as part of its Million Stories media campagin. 

“At Singleton Foundation, we want to build a cultural shift that teaches, inspires and empowers financial competency,” Foundation CEO Shelley Miles is quoted in a press release. “We are thrilled to work with Marshmello to bring this issue to the forefront. Through entertainment, we believe we can help make that shift. It’s about transforming financial literacy from a taboo topic to one of social relevance, with engaging and curated content that speaks to the millennial audience.”

Learn more about entrepreneurship and proper money managements by visiting the Singleton Foundation, and watch the clip for “Power” below.