Bassnectar Expands His Universe In 'Reflective (Part 4)' Track-By-Track Breakdown: Exclusive

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Life is a collaborative experience. We share this planet with about 7 million neighbors. Every part of our lives, from our clothes to our food, the laws that govern us, the boundaries that divide us and the art that brings us together, is a product of our shared reality. Even when you think you're flying solo, the guiding hands of friends, family or even strangers help light the way. 

For Bassnectar, music is no different. His Reflective EP series is all about the evolutionary flow of ideas. It's about partnering with someone you admire to create something new, or sometimes going back and taking a closer look at something from the past to find novelty within it.

He just shared Part 4 of the series ahead of his big Coachella headline performances. It comes complete with Bassnectar remixes, unreleased originals and a few collaborations. It turns out some of these songs are even related to previous releases -- at least in his mind. Billboard caught up with Bassnectar to get the story behind each of Reflective (Part 4)'s seven tracks. 

Bassnectar & Hailo - "Irresistible Force"

“Irresistible Force” with Hailo is the sequel to our tune “Surrender," and kind of like the sister to “Into The Sun.” It’s about a near death experience.

Bassnectar - "Dive" feat. RD

“Dive” is a throwback to hype breakbeats and more spastic beats and freakout music. Definitely inspired by punk and grindcore, but the ethos is paying respect to the hardcore music lover who goes all in.

Bassnectar & Peekaboo - "Illusion" feat. Born I

“Illusion” with Peekaboo is just a total knockout banger with vocals by Born I. Also Nohista from Moment Factory created a stunning video that deserves a watch if you have the time.

Bassnectar & Jantsen - "It's About To Get Hectic" feat. Born I

“It’s About To Get Hectic” is a collab with Jantsen, and that first drop is a nice and floppy throwback to the days of glitch hop -- throbbing beats that are swung and nasty. The second drop goes more ballistic drum & bass. More vocals from Born I!

Bassnectar - "Undercover"

“Undercover” is like a throwback to some older tunes ("Blow," "Heads Up," "Kick It Complex") and a few other joints I never finished. Thanks to Kyrian for scratching up the vocal “as I get busy on the track.”

Telefon Tel Aviv - "Sound In A Dark Room" (Bassnectar Remix)

“Sound in a Dark Room” is one of my favorite songs by Telefon Tel Aviv. It was an honor to get permission to include this little remix on the EP. It’s not much a remix, just really an edit where I decorated the original mp3 and amped it up so I could play in my sets. Hope you enjoy.

Bassnectar - "Leprechauns Arise" (Mothership Mix)

“Leprechauns Arise” is an old classic, not really a tune I ever made to play out "in da club" or what have you. More like a poem with some music. Sunru and I wrote the lyrics in my old studio, and I remixed a version for last summer’s throwdown at The Mothership.

Reflective (Part 4) is out now on Amorphous Music. Look out for Bassnectar's headline set both Saturdays at Coachella, livestreaming online via YouTube at 12:30 a.m. on Channel 1. 


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