Nicky Romero Talks DallasK & XYLØ Collab 'Sometimes' & 'Getting Back to the Roots' Ahead of Ultra Performance: Watch

Nicky Romero caught up with Billboard’s Kat Bein ahead of his Ultra Music Festival performance, chatting about his new collaboration with DallasK and XYLØ and going back to his roots with his new music.

Asked about his new track “Sometimes” with DallasK and XYLØ, which premiered Thursday on Billboard, Romero asks Bein if she likes the track. Upon hearing that she does, he expresses relief, noting that he was a bit worried about it sounding so different from his usual music.

“I’m happy that you like it because it’s a song that I was a little bit worried about,” he says. “Like, does it have enough of the DNA of the Nicky Romero brand? But Dallas and XYLØ were so good at the record. … Even though it’s a little bit out of my comfort zone, it still feels like a record that resonates with me.”

Speaking of new music, the DJ is also asked if he plans to release any more old-school-sounding Romero tracks in the next few months, to which he reveals that he plans to drop a W&W collaboration on Friday (March 29). “There’s a few solo tracks which carry the original Nicky Romero progressive sound,” he continues. “And I’m working on kind of a follow-up for ‘Sound of the Underground,’ which I’ve done on the side a long time ago, basically just going back to the roots.”

You can check out the full video interview with Nicky Romero above.