Flume's 'Hi This Is Flume' Mixtape Is A Wild Fever Dream Of Awesome: Watch

Cybele Malinowski


Last week, Flume rereleased his documentary, When Everything Was New, free to YouTube for all to see. It had us wishing for new Flume music -- and like clockwork, the Australian producer delivers.

Flume just dropped Hi This Is Flume, a 17-track mixtape featuring collaborations with SOPHIE, Eprom, JPEGMAFIA, HWLS, slowthai and frequent collaborator Ku?ka. While that sounds like a ton of material, half the tunes are less than two minutes long. The project is mad surreal right out the gate as Flume layers awkward self-introductions on top of one another until they blend in insanity. Track five is completely impossible to pronounce. It's a string of WINDING-esque symbols so long Spotify can't fit in on the screen.

Flume still has that wonky quality, but it rightly reinvents his sound with some fresh bang. Each song blends together like a true mix presentation. "High Beams" with HWLS and slowthai is a bass-heavy stand-out as groovy as it is brash. It's followed by three-minute-plus instrumental "Jewel," a psychedelic, beat-heavy production that puts the future back in future bass.

Later in the mixtape, Flume and Eprom team up on a tumultuous, cinematic, glitch-fuck of a remix for SOPHIE's "Is It Cold In The Water?" Flume gets with SOPHIE for a proper collaboration alongside Ku?ka called "Voices." JPEGMAFIA appears on dangerous rumble-blaster "How To Build A Relationship," and Eprom shows up again on mixtape closer "Spring." The mixtape explores IDM, chaotic ambience, and all manner of strange things that are dope.

All in all, Hi This Is Flume runs 38 minutes. It'll be the best 38 minutes of your day, hands down. He also put together a full-length visualizer in collaoration with Jonathan Zawada, the same guy who crafted his iconic Skin album cover. Step into his universe and lose your mind below.