Deadmau5 Confirms Cube V3 Tour & New Album

Drew Ressler


deadmau5 has been real busy coding his new Cube V3. It's the grand-daddy of all Cube productions, coming to life in new dimension you'll just have to see to believe. The mau5 wants his fans to rest easy knowing they''ll have ample opportunity to see it. He confirmed he will take the Cube V3 on tour after its debut at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. He's even going to give fans a new album.

When a fan posted to Reddit wondering if Toronto would get its own Cube V3 show, deadmau5 personally responded. "Imma be real here for a second," he wrote, "i own a certain live touring company alot of money. so.... yeah. itll go on the road."

Once the Ultra show is done, he'll go back to the studio to work on said new album while "the adults" work out a tour schedule across North America. He also said he's working on giving fans a new place to hang out with him, watching him play video games, make music and work on whatever neat stuff he's got in his mau5 head like he used to do on Twitch. 

All in all, that's a Cube V3 tour, a new album and a new place to hang out with deadmau5 in the digital realm coming soon. Stay tuned for more.