Nicole Moudaber Honors Women in Music Over the Years With International Women's Day Mix: Exclusive

Nicole Moudaber
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Nicole Moudaber

Happy International Women's Day to everyone in the world. Whether you be male or female, something in between or something completely removed from all the above, today is a day we can all enjoy, because we all have women in our lives who we cherish.

Techno icon Nicole Moudaber is a woman worth celebrating, and each year on this day, she honors the ladies who have given her life so much meaning with the music they make. This year's In the MOOD Women's Day special is like the ones that have come before in that the music features all manner of genres. It showcases the diversity that comes in a population representing half the world.

“This mix is a really special one that I’m so excited to share with you all as we celebrate and pay homage to all the incredible women past and present for International Women’s Day," Moudaber tells Billboard Dance. "I’m a music lover of all genres and each of the artists featured in this mix has influenced and inspired me musically in some way or another. Between them, they’ve contributed to the moment we are at now, where we are finally beginning to recognize women as equals, which is well and truly past due."

She kicks the mix off with some pop attitude with a couple of spins featuring experimental alt-pop singer Grimes and hella-empowered soul lady Janelle Monae. Moudaber calls them both "some of the most talented singers in the game today." She gives a sonic shout-out to her "techno sisters" Eli & Fur, ANNA, Magdalena and Anja Schneider, and she incorporates her own tune "Someone Like You" featuring Skunk Anansie's Skin. To round out the mix, she includes mega female icons Madonna and Aretha Franklin.

"We sadly lost Aretha last year, but her voice will forever give me goosebumps," Moudaber says. "Madonna -- well, in my opinion, her contribution to music over the last 40 years is greater than almost anyone’s. Her strength and ability to constantly reinvent herself and stay at the top of her game for four decades straight is just so inspiring."

She also includes a track from "pioneering" electronic artist Anne Clark called "Sleeper in Metropolis." Released 35 years ago, the highly inventive track sounds futuristic beyond its years.

"Nobody else was doing what she was in dance music back then," Moudaber says, "but of course, she no doubt didn’t get the credit she deserved. Fast forward to today, and while yes, we are still massively outnumbered, I still can’t believe that we are still trying to label women in dance music as female DJs. We don’t define music by gender, so why is it that people continue to label us as such? By differentiating us simply because we're women, it creates a sense of ‘othering.' Does the fact that I’m a woman impact the sound of my music or what I produce? Absolutely not. It’s not like we’re running around calling them male DJs, so why do we constantly put women in a different box to the guys? It really has to stop. I’m not a female DJ. I’m just a DJ.”

If there's ever been a doubt of Moudaber's skill of the power of women in music, give this powerful hour-long journey a spin and witness the greatness of the so-called fairer set. You should also check out her charitble effort Eleven, which raises funds and awareness for the fight against female genital mutilation. Every minute, eleven girls fall victim to FGM around the world. All proceeds from the sale of Moudaber's charitable bracelets go to Magool, a group created by psychotherapist and human rights activist Leyla Hussein to support survivors of FGM and those working to end it.

Now that you've done your part to make the world a nicer place for women everywhere, there's nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy the dark beauty of these female-driven beats. Share the mix with someone you love, no matter their gender or identification, and have a wonderful Women's Day.

Nicole Moudaber International Women's Day 2019 Mix

1. Grimes - We Appreciate Power [Blood Pop Remix] > Barbara Tucker - Respect Acapella
2. Janelle Monae & Grimes - Pynk [King Arthur Remix]
3. Eli & Fur - Night Blooming Jasmine [Rodriguez Jr Rmx]
4. Anna - Hidden Beauties
5. Anja Schneider - Shadows [Billy Turners Obscurity Rmx]
6. Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis
7. Magdalena - Lizard
8. Nicole Moudaber & Skin - Someone Like You
9. Nakadia - Tale of Khonburi
10. Anii - Desire
11. Tinush - Struggle Ft. Aretha Franklin
12. Madonna - Up Down Suite

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