Chemical Brothers Set Record With Three-Second Remix For F1 Racing: Listen

The Chemical Brothers
Hamish Brown

The Chemical Brothers

They also dropped an adorable video for "We've Got to Try" starring a dog.

To break the sound barrier, a vehicle must travel 767 m.p.h. But to break the record for fastest remix, you'd have to smash at least 15,001 beats into a minute - one beat faster than the three-second remix The Chemical Brothers just dropped in honor of the Formula 1 race teams the duo so admires.

“I'm a big fan of F1," Chem Brothers' Tom Rowlands tells Billboard Dance. "To me, it represents people operating at the very edge of control, a place where the smallest detail cannot be missed. The driver is the star but it takes the work of the team to bring it all together."

The absurd concept has an equally absurd name, the unpronounceable amalgamation "WGTT15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX." It would take longer to speak its name than actually play it, but the tune is a real feat of sonic engineering. It's a remix of the duo's "We’ve Got To Try," the fourth single from its forthcoming album, No Geography. F1 challenged the duo to re-engineer the tune at 15,000 bpm, a number representative of F1's 15,000 revs per minute. The result is a quick noise that sounds quite like the "NEEEUM" of a car whizzing through the air.

"We use a lot of technology to make music," Rowlands says. "I guess that F1 is at the real edge of how tech can be used for a specific purpose. Maybe the connection between us and F1 is loose, but I can see definite parallels between the excitement and passion of a race and the experience people get from one of our concerts.

"We were both really excited when we heard F1 wanted to use one of our songs in their campaign," Rowlands continues. "The impulse and the challenge to create the fastest mix came from F1 -- it was something we were interested in pursuing as a technical exercise. We worked hard with them to make something fresh and dynamic happen.”

In return for meeting the challenge, F1 will use "WGTT15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX" as its new sonic signature.

“This partnership is a first for F1 as a brand journeying into new areas of entertainment," says F1’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Ellie Norman. "Music has become synonymous with the sport and is becoming an integral part of our DNA. As a sport built on innovation, The Chemical Brothers epitomize our brand, constantly pushing boundaries and renowned the world-over for their high octane headline live performances. The parallels were undeniable, and working with them to create the world’s fastest remix couldn’t be more fitting for the fastest sport in the world.”

"WGTT15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX" is worth the wild listen, but you're gonna want to check out the full three-and-a-half minute "We've Got To Try." The song is premiered alongside a wild music video starring a very smart dog and a super-fast F1 car that's worth a watch in itself. No Geography is due out Friday, April 12.

Listen to both the world's fastest remix and "We've Got To Try" below.