Steve Aoki & Alan Walker Drop the Reimagined Collab 'Are You Lonely'

Courtesy Photo
Steve Aoki and Alan Walker, "Are You Lonely"

Alan Walker’s 2018 track “Lonely” returns Friday (Feb. 22) with a massive makeover, courtesy of the one and only Steve Aoki. Together, the producers tricked out the record with fresh lyrics, arrangements and a vocal performance from northern European trio ISÁK.

The reimagined collaboration takes the playfully bouncy, reggae-inspired original, from Walker’s 2018 Different World LP, and transforms it into a slicker and even catchier version of itself. Walker and Aoki swap in expanded vocals from ISÁK and transform the production into a robotic deep house sound that nods to Aoki’s longstanding interest in futuristic technology.

Hear the revamped track below.