Martin Garrix & Bonn Live Their Dreams in 'No Sleep' Video: Watch

Martin Garrix ft. Bonn, "No Sleep"
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Martin Garrix ft. Bonn, "No Sleep"

Have you ever found yourself so happy and content, it feels too good to be true? The world is magical in those moments, and the stars looks as if you could reach out and touch their majesty. Your eyes glow with the wonder of the universe, and so do the chords of Martin Garrix's "No Sleep" featuring Bonn, a song that hopes to soundtrack your next "pinch me" moment.

The music video captures Garrix's and Bonn's own best times on the road together, showcasing how friends and loved ones take us to new heights. Filmed by Damian Karsznia and Olav Stubberud, and edited by Karsznia, too, it's got all the warmth of home movies and all the glitz and glamour of life as a superstar DJ. 

It's the pair's second collaboration, following the hit "High On Life" in 2018. "No Sleep" is lighter on the sense but just as energetic, and when the big electronic hit comes, sparks will fly.

"No Sleep" is a tune big enough for a festival but sumptuous enough for easy listening. Look out for it on the main stage of Ultra during Garrix' Miami performance at the end of March.

Check out the video below.