Martin Garrix Teases 'No Sleep' With Bonn

Louis van Baar
Martin Garrix

When you're an international DJ and producer, your life and your work are one and the same. You're always on the road, cooking up new beats and cool visuals for your fans to eat like candy, especially if you're Martin Garrix. The guy has been going nonstop since he released "Animals" at 16. If anyone lives the mantra "No Sleep," it's him.

As it just so happens, "No Sleep" is also the name of the Dutch entertainer's next release. It features his buddy Bonn, whom fans will remember from the 2018 summer single "High on Life." Garrix teased the forthcoming track in a series of tweets. No music clips to be heard just yet, but if the setting of these pictures is any indication, it should be rather grand.

Smash the presave button now and be ready for "No Sleep" out everywhere Thursday on Garrix's label STMPD RCRDS. Check the teaser tweets for yourself below.