Marshmello Debuts Vibrant 'BIBA' Video With Pritam, Shirley Setia & Shahrukh Khan: Watch

Marshmello x Pritam ft. Shirley Setia & Shahrukh Khan "BIBA"
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Marshmello x Pritam ft. Shirley Setia & Shahrukh Khan "BIBA"

Grab your passport and come dressed in your prettiest Sari. It's the red carpet premiere of Marshmello and Pritam's "BIBA" music video, and it's quite possibly the lushest, most luxurious world the masked music man has yet to witness. It's Bollywood, of course, and in fact, the whole clip is a tribute to Indian film star Shahrukh Khan, who cameos throughout the film to relive some of his most iconic moments, all while masked in the famous Marshmello head.

Khan performs opposite the song's feature, Shirley Setia, recreating beloved moments from films including Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Devdas, Dola Re Dola and more. It's visually stunning, and it definitely makes us wanna grab the next flight over to experience India's cultural excellence for ourselves.

Pritam can be seen making a cameo on the red carpet, and before the clip is through, Khan removes his mask to great applause. If you're a fan of the Bollywood universe, you're going to get a real kick out of this one.